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What's new in Version 3.3

Computer Server

The big news in the latest release of WPS are the new communications features on the desktop and server. WPS is a leading platform for scaling your business intelligence computing. WPS helps you make the most of your infrastructure. Whether you want to deploy to the cloud, an in-house server on Windows or a large scale Unix/Linux solution, WPS delivers the best value and performance available.

  • Matrix Language Support
    WPS now supports PROC IML.

    Python Support is now included in WPS with PROC PYTHON. PROC Python allows a WPS user to create, edit and invoke Python programs from within WPS.

  • ODS Improvements
    WPS now includes output to PDF as well as HTML and Text output destinations. Note that PDF support is available on all platforms except z/OS at this time.

    FILE PRINT now has an option enabling ODS to format output from a DATA step. It creates an ODS output object and binds it to a table template which provides a mechanism to map dataset variables to table columns.

  • New PROCS

  • Enhanced Graphics
    A new Procedure GBARLINE has been added to the WPS Graphics library. This procedure allows you generate bar charts on which plot data has been overlaid on to the bar chart.

  • Data Access Engines
    Support for reading and writing Excel workbooks on all platforms via a new XLSX Engine.

    NETEZZAM -Is a replacement engine for the NETEZZA Engine. NETEZZAM provides for multi-threaded operation using a new architecture enabling significant performance increases.

    ORACLEM – Is also a replacement for the ORACLE Engine of prior releases. ORACLEM is also multi-threaded bringing performance increases.

    Both the above engines provide for the ability to Bulk-Load data.

  • Improved Data Step Performance
    The compilation technology underlying the data step has been enhanced; this provides performance improvements when running a data step.

Scale for Big Data at lower cost

With the inclusion of the Hadoop access engine with the WPS Server, you can scale your BI platform efficiently. Its streamlined architecture and easy deployment capabilities enables you to deliver more services with the same computing power with fewer resources and at a lower cost.

A regular release schedule you can count on

Keep up-to-date with regular updates and upgrades

The WPS release schedule fits in with your business needs. WPS averages a new release every year. This release schedule help you stay up-to-date with the very latest hardware and WPS software updates.

Virtualize and Save

Virtualize and Save

Ready to boost efficiencies and reduce costs? Virtualize your servers runnnig WPS. When running WPS in a VM, you only pay for the number of logical CPU's that the Virtual Machine sees. You don't pay for all the logical CPU's on the server saving thousands of dollars.