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WPS for Users

Whether on a server or a desktop, SAS language developers will easily adopt to using WPS. As a matter of fact, WPS Users have more options on the desktop than with our competitors product. We fully support the WPS Workbench on both Windows and Macintosh OS X Workstations. The WPS Workbench is also a key component on all the WPS servers.

WPS user testimonial

Since WPS is licensed so that all modules are inclusive, there's no issues of trying to figure out what modules are required or need to be purchased for different users or departments. Updating WPS is as simple as downloading a new release and installing it on the desktop.

SAS programs can typically be executed with WPS with little or no modification because the language supported by WPS covers much of that found in Base SAS® plus many data access methods found in SAS/ACCESS®. There is also support for some basic language elements found in other SAS products. This means that programs developed in the SAS language may be run, edited, shared and saved in WPS. It also means that programs developed in WPS can be used in a SAS environment.

WPS works the way you do, performaing multiple tasks at the same time. With WPS, a user can run multiple programs at the same time whether they are to execute on the workstation or on a remote server. Users are not limited to waiting for a job to complete since the WPS Workbench allows you to start modifying your code the moment you submit your WPS program.

WPS is affordable and starts at $1,229 on a Windows or Mac OS X workstation.