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WPS for Government

Why spend money on expensive licenses, when WPS offers a comprehensive language of SAS compatible products for significantly less? As governmental budgets are becoming more constrained each year, it only makes sense to use the most cost effective analytics solution available. Its ease of use and compatibility with the language of SAS means users can get up and running immediately. WPS comes with robust support and frequent updates so agenices, users and developers can easily stay up-to-date with our product.

Government Enterprise Licensing

Enhance the value of your organizations licensing by purchasing a Governmental Enterprise License for WPS from MineQuest. For example, States can license all the desktops and servers they require for all the different agencies (including school districts) and realize incredible cost savings.

Governmental Enterprise licenses start at 2,500 desktops or 128 server cores. Server core counts can be spread across multiple servers and multiple agencies or departments.

We offer one and two year license agreements so that licenses and renewals can be scheduled to coincide at the beginning of your fiscal year.

Since WPS is licensed so that all modules are inclusive, there's no issues of trying to figure out what modules are required or need to be purchased. Any organization can create applications that are cross platform compliant and that run with the same stability and integrity on any supported OS.

WPS is available and scaleable across the most popular computing platforms. With licensing cost that is much less expensive than our competitor, it's easy to see why governmental organizations that deal with the financial, housing and health sectors would want WPS for Big Data Analytics. As data demands increase and with the necessary acquisition of additional analytical servers, WPS costs savings viewed over one, three and five years are a fraction of our competition. And best of all, WPS Server pricing starts at less than $6,700 for an annual license.

Governmental Pricing

WPS is not available on the GSA Schedule but can be purchased by any U.S Governmental organization on the Open Market. MineQuest is an Open Market reseller for WPS and orders can be placed using a governmental debit card if the quoted prices are less than $25,000.

Quotes and pricing are available to any U.S. Governmental Agencies (Federal, State, County and Local) by requesting a quote from MineQuest.