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Data Sets

Below are a few datasets that contain U.S. Census Data and other sources in WPS format for Windows. You will need a copy of WPS to read these data sets. As part of our SAS to WPS conversion services, we will be including these data sets to our clients. These data sets are to serve as replacement datasets for what SAS distributes with their U.S. installation of the base product.

Economic Data Sets

US County Business Patterns

U.S. County Business Patterns data files in WPS data set format. This data set contains business information on detailed geographic, industry, and other information for U.S. business establishments.

Data for establishments are presented by geographic area, 6-digit NAICS, and employment size class. Data consist of number of establishments, first quarter and annual payroll, and employment during the week of March 12. No data are provided that would disclose the operations of an individual employer.

Census Data Sets

U.S. Census 2000 County Population Data in WPD format for Windows. Contains the best population data from the SF1 Census file with only County level geography selected. Contains 3,219 County level records.

U.S. Census 2000 City/Places Population Data in WPD format for Windows. This is an enhanced data set that is analogous to what SAS ships as uscity.sas7bdsat but contains many more useful variables. Contains 25,375 records.

U.S. Civilian Unemployment Rates from 1/1/48 thru 3/1/07 in WPS format. The data is seasonally adjusted and monthly in nature. Source: St. Louis Fed and Bureau of Labor Statistics.

U.S. County Names Data Set 1990. Contains U.S. County Names, StCounty Fips, MSA, PMSA codes for grouping. This dataset is in WPS format and contains 3,143 observations.

NAICS 2002. The North American Industrial Classification System. This WPS data set has 2,346 observations that contain the NAICS Code, NAICS Description, and the code type, i.e. if it is a 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 character NAICS code.

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