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Developers will be delighted when they begin using WPS. Developers will be able to continue to use the same skills that they have acquired in the Language of SAS to develop WPS programs.

Developers will use a modern IDE that is a extendable and almost endlessly configurable to meet the needs of each individual developer. The WPS Workbench performs all the desired editor functions as well as allowing the developer to connect to a server to test and execute code.

WPS is used by development teams around the world because of its versatility, reliability, constantly updated features and extensive developer libraries.

If you’re managing developers, WPS is the best way to increase your BI team’s productivity and guarantee a smooth transition from development all the way to production.


Since WPS is licensed so that all modules are inclusive, there's no issues of trying to figure out what modules are required or need to be purchased for different platforms. Create applications that are cross platform compliant and that run with the same stability and integrity on any supported OS.

MineQuest can provide support at any level, from advice and best practice to planning, designt and implemention. If you need consulting help on niche issues, we can provide assistance in the use and training for WPS.