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More About MBA Consulting Services

MineQuest's professional services supports your organzation at every stage of your BI life cycle. Your challenges are met by our expertise and by technical consultants who thoroughly understand WPS and communicate in a language you understand. We understand that moving to new platforms and technologies can be challenging, but our consultants ensure smooth transitions and that you get maximum benefits from the changes you make.


If your organisation requires a more efficient and effective platform that gives you a higher return on investment, we will help you take the first steps towards achieving your goals.


MineQuest will work closely with your team to fully understand your BI environment and the demands you place on it. We assess your architecture and workloads while understanding the practicalities of your BI operations. The solutions we propose will be designed with your business, as well as your infrastructure, in mind.

Assessment Benefits

Trusted expert advice. MineQuest's consultants speak directly with you to determine solutions for secure, stable and robust enterprise-level solutions and also show you best practices. Proven cost savings. We help you determine the return on investment and total cost of ownership to not only implement, but also manage systems based on WPS.

Assessment Overview

  • Gather information about your current environment, including staff interviews to understand systems as well as functional and business requirements.

  • Compare your requirements with potential WPS based solutions, and determine potential cost savings and returns on investment from implementing suggested changes.

  • Present findings from analysis and propose high-level solution and strategies for implementation.

  • Deliver customer report and transfer knowledge to your teams.

Proof of Concept

Seeing is believing. A MineQuest/WPS proof of concept are short, fixed-term engagements that help you quickly integrate WPS into your environment. Throughout the project, a MineQuest consultant will be available to answer questions and help you use the software so you can experience the benefits of WPS first-hand.

Proof of Concept Benefits

First-hand experience. You get to experience WPS optimized for best performance in your Windows or Linux environment. We deliver trusted expert advice. MineQuest's consultants visit your site to demonstrate the optimum WPS configuration for your needs, transfer knowledge and demonstrate best practices.

Comprehensive support. We include 9 x 5 support of the pilot so you will always have someone on-hand to help you make the most out of your trial. Fully documented. Once the proof of concept is completed, we provide a report which fully documents the configuration of WPS as it was optimized for your environment.


Our consultants help you configure WPS for optimum security and performance. They work with your team to mitigate deployment risks and transfer best practices knowledge throughout the deployment.


Fully documented. We provide you with a detailed blueprint of your system with guides to best practices.

WPS, optimized. Our technical engineers will help you configure your systems for optimum performance.

Reduce project risks. Having an a WPS expert available helps you mitigate implementation risks and provides greater assurance of project success.