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Consulting Services

A variety of expert software services and professional assistance can be tailored to meet your organization's immediate or long-term computing needs. You can take advantage of short-term, on-site or off-site assistance as well as small-to-large-scale-application development services.

For organzations looking for expertise in migrating from a SAS to a WPS solution, MineQuest has a vast repetoire of experience. We offer both on and off site migration assistance to ensure that your organization is up and running as quickly as possible. Our migration services include installation and tuning, as well as training users on getting the most out of WPS.

For a short-term period, a consultant can provide technical assistance with specific business tasks. Whether you need to access data on different systems or platforms, produce graphs, create reports, modify or implement your business intelligence systems, skilled consultants in the use of WPS can deliver knowledgeable assistance and development.

With MineQuest consulting, you and your staff receive informal instruction and training on the use of WPS software efficiently and effectively. You maximize your staff resources and minimize your turnaround time for information delivery when you obtain short-term consulting services.

If you need leading-edge applications, you can have our experienced consultants develop, implement, and test a WPS application that meets your business requirements. You save time and money when our consultants use preprogrammed and pretested WPS software tools. No other consulting firm has more experience in using and implementing WPS technology. You know you are getting the best WPS application.

Consulting service options available to meet your business information needs include:

  • Language Support

  • Performance Tuning

  • Reporting Systems

  • Conversion and Project Management

  • Production Support

  • Client Server Technology

  • Applied Analysis

  • Software Migration from SAS to WPS

  • Application Development

  • Custom Applications