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WPS for Business

Why spend money on expensive licences, when WPS offers a comprehensive language of SAS compatible product for significantly less? With WPS and MineQuest Business Analytics, it’s business as usual. Its ease of use and compatibility with the language of SAS means users can get up and running immediately. WPS comes with robust support for Microsoft Access and Excel file formats so users can easily import and export data to these products.

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Since WPS is licensed so that all modules are inclusive, there's no issues of trying to figure out what modules are required or need to be purchased. Any business can create applications that are cross platform compliant and that run with the same stability and integrity on any supported OS.

Businesses are able to run WPS on the most cost effective platform available at a more reasonable annual cost. Since WPS doesn't charge client license fees to access a WPS server, your organization saves even more money. And best of all, WPS Server pricing starts at less than $6,700.

DSP Fees

Data Service Provider Fees (DSP Fees) are a method used by competitors to charge excessively high license fees for businesses and individuals who use their product to prepare, report and process data for third parties. Fees typically range up to 30% additional for each customer that a business provides such third party services for.

WPS does not charge DSP fees for organizations that process third party data. Your customer continues to be your customer and without unanticipated or inflated annual licensing fees.