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WPS for Academia

MineQuest Business Analytics, an authorized Value Added Reseller of the World Programming System promotes and provides for the use of WPS statistical software for research and academic training. WPS is a proven software product that is based on the Language of SAS and is able to provide flexible solutions to Colleges and Universities free of charge.

MineQuest provides colleges and universities software for non-commercial Academic Research and student training on research methods and analytics. Our flexible licensing allows colleges and universities to control the use of the software to faculty, researchers and students using an annual license.

Academic Enterprise Licensing

MineQuest provides a free enterprise license to qualified academic degree granting institutions that include unlimited copies of WPS for Workstations (Windows and Mac OS X platforms) and distributed server platforms including AIX, Linux, OS X, Solaris, Windows and z/Linux.

A WPS Academic License is distributed as an Enterprise License. This means that the software is available to all students, faculty and researchers at the university without cost. Since most universities operate in a heterogeneous environment, our enterprise license includes access to all platforms with the exception of IBM's z/OS. To qualify, your college or university must be a recognized and accredited academic degree granting institution.

Our Academic Enterprise license includes all the components of the World Programming System. We include the database access engines found in the commercial sector as well as the big data access engine for Hadoop. As colleges and universities move into training students in big data and analytics, Hadoop has become a necessary component of the curriculum.

WPS in Academia also includes our interface into R using PROC R. Using WPS with R allows students and researchers to truly access and process big data as well as write R code that is portable across other platforms and other packages.



The WPS System is distributed as a simple installation package. There is no clunky virtual machine that has to be downloaded and installed to use WPS. Your organization will be required to host the WPS download packages that are only accessible by your students, staff and faculty. MineQuest will also provide a license key for your organization to distribute to activate the install.

Interested in continuing the dialog?

If you are interested in a set of short term 90 day licenses to evaluate WPS for your academic institution, please contact us at (614) 457-3714. We will provide access to our download server as well as an academic license key that can be used to get you started on your evaluation.