WPS v3.3 Now Available

On Thursday December 15th WPL introduced WPS v3.3. This new version is available for immediate download. With v3.3, WPS includes a slew of new Procedures that will be of great value to those who hold WPS licenses and those who are looking to convert over to WPS from SAS.

New Language Procedures

Matrix Language Support is now available with PROC IML. PROC IML is included as a standard procedure in WPS and is not an additional cost module. There is a 430 page programming guide in PDF format that is included in the installation folder detailing how to use the Matrix Programming Language.

Python Support is now included in WPS with PROC PYTHON. PROC Python allows a WPS user to create, edit and invoke python programs from within WPS. The implementation of PROC PYTHON is very similar to PROC R. PROC PYTHON is included in WPS and is not an additional cost module.

ODS Support

WPS now includes output to PDF as well as HTML and Text output destinations. Note that PDF support is available on all platforms except z/OS at this time.

New Statistical Procedures

PROC ACECLUSProvides two methods for approximating the within-cluster covariance structure for a clustering model under the assumption of equal multivariate Gaussian distributed clusters.

PROC CANCORR – Identifies and measures the associations among two sets of variables.

PROC GENMOD – its generalized linear models.

PROC LIFEREG – Fits parametric, accelerated failure time models in the presence of left-, right- and interval censored data.

PROC LIFETEST – Estimates non-parametric survival functions in the presence of censored data using Kaplan-Maier or actuarial methods.

PROC LOESS – Fits non-parametric regression surfaces to multi-dimensional input data. The smoothness of the non-parametric model can be controlled. Outliers in the input data are detected.

PROC MI – Imputes the values of missing values in an input dataset.

PROC MIXED – Fits a mixed linear model to input data.

PROC MODECLUS – Produces various cluster output statistics.

PROC PHREG – Fits the Cox proportional hazards model to survival data.

PROC PROBIT – Fits binary or ordinal response regression models, useful for dose-response type analysis. Various types of model are supported by the procedure. Parameter estimates are generated through the use of maximum likelihood estimation. Model fit statistics enable the quality of the generated model to be assessed.

PROC VARCOMP – Fits generalized linear models with random effects, where the associated covariance matrix is assumed to be diagonal.

Note that WPS Statistics is included in the cost of a WPS license and is not a module that needs to be licensed separately at an additional cost.

New Graphics Procedure

PROC GBARLINE – The GBARLINE Procedure has been added to WPS. This procedure allows you generate bar charts on which plot data has been overlaid on to the bar chart.

New Data Engine

XLSX Engine – This is a cross platform engine that provides read and write access to file in Microsoft Excel format. You can process Excel data on any platform you choose and are no longer limited to Windows platforms. The XLSX engine is included in WPS and is not an additional cost module.

Data Engine Enhancements

NETEZZAM -Is a replacement engine for the NETEZZA Engine. NETEZZAM provides for multi-threaded operation using a new architecture enabling significant performance increases. The NETEZZAM engine is included in WPS and is not an additional cost module.

ORACLEM – Is also a replacement for the ORACLE Engine of prior releases. ORACLEM is also multi-threaded bringing performance increases. The ORACLEM engine is included in WPS and is not an additional cost module.

Both the above engines provide for the ability to Bulk-Load data.

There are a number of additional language features and workbench features that are worth investigating as well. WPS v3.3 is a major release where the functionality and language and procedures have been augmented.

For a list of all the WPS Procedures and Database Engines that are currently supported in v3.3, you can download a two-page brochure from MineQuest. This brochure lists the database engines that are supported on the Linux, OS X and Windows platforms as well as language support and PROC Support.

About the author: Phil Rack is President of MineQuest Business Analytics, LLC located in beautiful Tucson Arizona. Phil has been a SAS language developer for more than 25 years. MineQuest provides WPS consulting and contract programming services and is an authorized reseller of WPS in North America.