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Links for Friday, June 12th, 2009

Here are two interesting open source applications that you may want to take a look at for your business or use in your consulting business. I can see both of them being effective and money saving applications for both the consultant as well as the client.

First, DimDim is a web conferencing application that is open source. You can use DimDim in a virtual machine as well. They do have a VM that is downloadable (so does JumpBox). That’s rather interesting because you can run DimDim on Amazon’s EC2 only when you need to have a conference and at a cost of about twenty cents an hour. Compare that to WebEx’s price of close to $500 a year.

Another interesting tool that I expect to play with over the weekend is SnapLogic. SnapLogic is a data integration application that is open source also. There are VM’s available for SnapLogic so you can play around with it and not worry about corrupting your system. This would be a good application to start with if you have been thinking about SAS Institute’s DI Studio. If you need to perform a lot of ETL type of work, these kinds of apps save a lot of time and SnapLogic could also save your company a lot of cash.


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