Some Newer Articles and Blog Posts on the SAS v WPL Legal Case

For those of you who have been following the SAS Institute v WPL legal case, there’s been some interesting commentary. The first one up is a blog article from “The IPKat” entitled “Lengthy litigation, short shrift: Court of Appeal unmoved by SAS appeal.”  The blog post basically identifies the major arguments that SAS lost and WPL won in the court case.

The second article is on Forbes and is entitled “SAS v WPL Case Shows That Software Functionality Is Not Copyrightable.” This was published on December 8, 2013. This is really a layman’s view of the copyright case and is a good read for a quick understanding of what was decided by the appeals court.

About the author: Phil Rack is President of MineQuest Business Analytics, LLC located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Phil has been a SAS language developer for more than 25 years. MineQuest provides WPS and SAS consulting and contract programming services and is a authorized reseller of WPS in North America.