Random Monday Night Thoughts

I thought that I would share some findings with my loyal blog readers.

VirtualSUG is a Virtual SAS Users Group.  Andrew Karp of Sierra Information Services offers training (paid and non-paid) through this facility. I think that Andrew has done an excellent job putting together the VirutalSUG. VirtualSUG is implemented in a WebEx type of environment and can handle 1,000 attendees for each class. He offers numerous classes at different times so be sure to check the VirtualSUG website for dates and times.

Speaking of WebEx type of software, I recently started using Lotus Sametime Unyte for sharing desktop screens and applications. This has proved quite handy as I’ve been doing a fair amount of work with companies that are quite a distance from me. I cheaped out and bought a yearly five user license for $100. They do have a free product that many people could use but you are restricted to two users, a client and a host. Compare the pricing of Lotus Sametime Unyte and WebEx and you can easily save yourself $300 to $350 dollars a year. I’ve used this software at least a half dozen times and I can say that it does work well. The only problem I’ve had is with a client who was using a notebook and the resolution on the notebook was 1280×800. My desktop’s screen was set to 1280×1024. This caused some of my screen to be clipped on her display.  The problem was overcome but it took me a few minutes to try to figure out what was going on.

There’s a new video conferencing service that is being offered and it’s called ooVoo. I’ve not used it yet but I’ve read some reviews on the web and it looks promising. It’s still in beta so I suppose that the quality of service will improve shortly. What is most intriguing is that you can have five participants in a video conference. Frame rates are reported to be around 15 FPS. In reading the knowledge base articles at ooVoo, they do state that you can increase frame rates up to 30 FPS. In comparison, SightSpeed is 30 FPS but modifies the window size to try to maintain a high frame rate. Note that SightSpeed now charges you $10 a month for the multi-party service. If you visit the ooVoo web page, let me know if Linda has that expression on her face like she just saw something she was not expecting.