Printing in WPS V3

The new version of WPS (version 3) is out and available and everyone has been busy sending out new license keys for this release. In our previous blog post, I presented some of the highlights of this release but want to talk about enhanced printing ability in V3.

The rendering of each page is a bit different than what you are previously used to in V2.5.x. You can see the difference in how the page is rendered in the screen shot below.

Notice the page breaks between the pages. One delightful aspect of this enhancement is that when you change line size settings in your programs, the page that is rendered reflects this. This is really great! The ability to print the reports from the Eclipse Workbench are also much improved.

One thing to be mindful of is that the options Orientation=landscape || Portrait is not supported. This isn’t that much of a big deal as you might at first expect. I simply set my LS=132 and PS = 45 and on my  printer properties for the print driver (a Canon MF-4150), I have a form called WPSDuplex_LS for duplex landscape mode. I can set the font for this print job automatically when I use this form. The font I use is Courier 9pt. This works like a charm for me.


MineQuest is offering free 30 day evaluations of WPS V3. You can contact us at (614) 457-3714 to request an evaluation or by email. If you prefer to request your evaluation by email, send a request to

About the author: Phil Rack is President of MineQuest, LLC. and has been a SAS language developer for more than 25 years. MineQuest provides WPS and SAS consulting and contract programming services and a reseller of WPS in North America.