Keywords: Persony, Web Conferencing, Screen Sharing

In my previous post, I discussed SightSpeed and how I wish it had screen sharing or application sharing functionality. This has become even more important to me know because my service provider who I was using for web conferencing closed up shop! I had been using Coitalk and have rudely found out that they had too many network issues (and I suspect money issues) and decided to close shop.

Searching for a new service provider for web conferencing on the net, I discovered a new provider/software application called Persony. If you are interested in or have a need for inexpensive web conferencing, check out Persony at

You don’t pay a monthly fee; you just buy the software and use either their web server (which is free) or your own web server. Depending on the features and number of clients needed, Persony costs $99 to $299. Over the weekend, I have been testing both setups and using my own web server, it’s just a little bit quicker.

Installation is pretty easy and took only 20 minutes for me to get it setup. The software works, but I have two problems that seem to be related. I can’t take a snapshot of the screen and upload it, nor can I upload a picture. I seem to have permission problems on my web server that is preventing me from doing that. I need to talk to tech support to resolve this issue. Screen sharing, text messaging, audio conferencing, record a conference, all work. They do have a 30 day trial so you can play with it if you want.