Improving Screen Time – Workplace Ergonomics

I spend a lot of time in front of a monitor looking at reports, source code, web pages and videos. Over the years I’ve developed a real interest in ways to make my work environment more comfortable and whether you consider it to be an element of age I’ve noticed that my vision is not as sharp as I remember.

I’ve gone the gamut by buying larger screens monitors to trying glasses made specifically for the length I sit from the monitor I seem that I get eye fatigue after just a few hours. At one point a few years ago my eyes would start to go cross-eyed at the end of the day. I’d have to focus at distant objects for quite a while so my eyes wouldn’t go crossed when I looked back at the monitor.

I’ve recently started trying out some computer glasses that are clip-ons and are tinted yellow and are blue light blocking. When I first started out using them I was unimpressed. It took me a few hours to adjust to the tint but after that, the contrast is much higher. Text is clearer and easier for me to read.

The specific glasses I bought are clip-on’s and are called the GameKing Classic. They really have made a difference for me. I just keep them clipped on a pair of reading glasses that are corrected for the distance that I sit between the monitor and my chair.


The glasses come with a cleaning cloth and nice carrying case. I do find that I smudge them up a lot during the day. I never realized how often I adjust my glasses or scratch my nose before I bought these.

Anyway, for $20, it’s a worthy investment.


About the author: Phil Rack is President of MineQuest Business Analytics, LLC located in beautiful Tucson, Arizona. Phil has been a SAS language developer for more than 25 years. MineQuest provides WPS consulting and contract programming services and is an authorized reseller of WPS in North America.