An Interesting Fact on Pricing

When you license WPS from MineQuest Business Analytics, you don’t pay a sales tax on your purchase unless your business has a nexus in the state of Michigan. Now there are a lot of businesses that don’t have nexus in this state. Our competitor however does have offices in many states (including Michigan) and thus must charge you sales tax for your home state.

If you look at the pricing comparison for a two core WPS server vs. a two core SAS server, the amount of sales tax you pay on that SAS license is often as much if not more than the cost of the WPS Server! So, at 6.4% sales tax, a two core SAS server at $85,423 for the first year license fee, you pay ~$5,467 in sales tax. That’s more than what a two core WPS Server on x86 hardware cost.

It’s hard to argue that a SAS Server license is not over priced.

 About the author: Phil Rack is President of MineQuest Business Analytics, LLC located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Phil has been a SAS language developer for more than 25 years. MineQuest provides WPS and SAS consulting and contract programming services and is a authorized reseller of WPS in North America.